Recent catch-up

And so we get to the first impasse of this latest bout of writing and blogging. Sometimes I stop because I have nothing to say (or at least nothing to nice to say)….but most of the time, life gets in the way. And to be honest….that is OK. It’s alright to concentrate on the important things in my life including family, my health, profession and hobbies. New experiences to have and adverse situations to overcome.

But that doesn’t mean that I have been absent in things that really empathise Dave’s Downtime. There has always been an expectation that I will share some technical titbits and events that show how I am doing things and what I think.

So here’s some recent(ish) things that might be of interest:

  • Browser has gone off off-piste. I’ve started using SigmaOS for personal browsing….and it is working out really good.
  • iPhone 15 Pro Action Button/Menu
  • New Apple Watch Face and Complications
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