Thoughts on and Effects of - (Part 1 of 2 - Back to blogging and why I like it)

My relationship with blogging has taken a turn for the better over the last few months.

A bit of a reset if you like. New hosting platform. New ways to engage with the audience who remain absent (for those who don’t know….that’s a running joke).

Firstly the move has been exactly what was needed….easy to start constructing and focusing on the content….where previously, time being spent on the blog would descend into lengthy sysadmin sessions, with no real content being produced.

I have been a member of for a number years….not really an active member, but I like the fact that there is still a social network that is able to support my whisper of activity, where accolades and adverts are kept nicely in-check. The decision not to anchor the success with “like” or “follow” counters, has provided a light and stressless experience that sings with truth and a lot of nice people. The content and tooling are second to none.

And this has helped me get back on the horse. I was talking to two authors this morning, who I am sure on the verge of great things. They were feverishly making publishing plans and within a whisker of establishing themselves. And I blurted out that I write as well. And even as the words were leaving my mouth, my brain was already reassuring myself that it was fine…you are not lying….you do write…..and then I said more considered….but still in rather hushed tones…..I said “I blog”.

I’m enjoying the amount of content I am producing, slow steady and although not being anywhere near the prolific amount of some, it is progress and it has a nice steady rhythm. I am also liking the quality of the work, I’m writing in the methodical first-person tone that is hopefully honest and pragmatic. Lots of “…” lead-ons and quotation marks/parentheses abound. So much different from the business writing that consumes a lot of my working day.

So has been a good move….and I have recently upgraded to Premium (Yay). A few considered reasons:

  • I just enjoy it. I find it such a relax and unpressured experience. I get to post when I want.
  • I want to support it. Do the most I can to make sure that it remains.
  • I want it into continue to grow….not just in people, but in tools, features and integration with my life (I really have been enjoying the Bookmark feature….the closest thing that I have found to a read-it-later service that I will actually use).

So all good!….but

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