Satisfaction with AirPods Max

I’m sure I’ve used this line before…..and I don’t want to come over all Apple fan-boi…..but….

I have just reached new heights of satisfaction with an Apple product. Now that is a hard thing to do with me, since it takes multiple years to earn such accolades in my humble opinion. With the expense that usually come with an Apple purchase, I demand multiple years of high quality.

And I believe that I have had that from my trusty AirPods Max.

Here’s what they look like

They were purchased soon after launch, directly from an Apple Store….with much consternation and handwringing at the price. My original justification for such an expense was my protracted commute time. When I go into the office, I commute 3 hours….1 hour 30 mins each way. And this ploy for self delusion has been generally bourne-out. I have excellent Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to almost completely drown-out the clackerty Queensland Rail rolling stock. This is also the scenario of automatic device switching, which has handled multiple input sources with aplomb.

Music, Podcasts, White Noice, YouTube videos, Switch…..none of it a problem.

At the home and in the dog park…it’s a similar story. Great sound, great fit, although I must admit being self-conscious wearing them in public at times. Also, there is something to say about issues with using the AirPods with MacBook Pros and macOS (both of which seem to be the bad culprit with shoddy Bluetooth hardware and software problems)

But with the iPhone and iPad, no such problems.

So it was with much dismay that I started significant problems about 4 months ago….a good six months after the Apple Care + had expired. Lots of pairing issue….many many hard factory resets….maybe some swearing.

It was harsh. A long slow deterioration into uselessness. With the unit being eventually decommissioned.

And I don’t know why.

I suspect the batteries. But radios and general wear-and-tear may also have been factors.

So, what was I to do?

I took the unit to the Apple Store I bought them from…..and…let’s just say that they sorted me out. I won’t go into details, but one week later I am sitting with a refurbished unit. I am back to where I was when I first got the headset pretty soon after launch. Looking forward to several years of glorious sound and usability….before I guess they give out again.

Sure….the AirPods Max have been a bit problematic for me…..and came with a super high price. But they have been a comfortable, for the most part dependable and simply the best set of headphones I have ever had (and I have/had lots).

I’m sure the next generation will be an insta-buy for me….as upgrades to USB-C and adaptive transparency are just too alluring to miss out on….but until then (and I hope it won’t be too long)…I’ll be happy sporting the best.

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