Yay! Spring Break!

We managed to do it. Organise and enjoy a family holiday in the Aussie springtime. We had to put off family from visiting us….they like to come now ….it’s the nicest time of the year. We had shuffle around leave and finance, which is no mean feat when people are changing jobs and salary cycles are just downright strange.

But, despite obstacles…this week has been ace. Quality family time, spent in a most beautiful part of the world, with adventure and new experiences.

I’ve done lots of “first things” during our time in the loverly Queensland Glasshouse Mountains in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland:

Not my photo...but gives you an idea of the beauty of the place
Not my photo…but gives you an idea of the beauty of the place
  • Stopped in a lovely picturesque Queenslander-style wood cabin in the bush.
Stock footage (all rights reserved)
Stock footage (all rights reserved)
  • Seen my first wild snake (a brown snake at that…nearly hit it with the car).
  • Licked at raw milk directly [wrong adverb] from a cows udders.
[caption id="attachment_945" align="aligncenter" width="225"] No contact between lips and teat.[/caption]
  • Used a fleecy blanket over the knees, whilst sat on the sofa.
  • Got the small boy on a horse.
  • Had a “Gypsy “ dinner.
Goat and Molasses - not my meal....but the best on the table.
Goat and Molasses - not my meal….but the best on the table.
  • Heard the word “Daddy” over a thousand times in one day.
  • Jongs in the sea.
  • Been to Australia Zoo, the home of the “Crocodile Hunter”.
[caption id="attachment_946" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Brotherly love on the jumping pillow! Brotherly love on the jumping pillow![/caption]
  • Had the tall boy put up a serious challenge at skimming stones.
He has a good swing.
He has a good swing.
All sorts going on!
And this little lady makes it all worth while.
And this little lady makes it all worth while.
I can’t remember the last time a holidays left me feeling so refreshed and ready to take on the world with new vigour.

Coming back to a public holiday weekend, allowing me to get my affairs in order (as well as the laundry), is an added bonus.

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