Man in Dilemma

So I’m going up to Brisbane today…and now that the sun has made a return from it’s winter vacation, which has resulted in over two and half weeks of overcast and drizzly conditions…I need to select the right type of headgear.

But we are in the middle of a sporting en passe. Let me try to explain:

State of Origin (the massive annual rugby league series between Queensland and New South Wales) and tonight is the deciding game in a “best of three” competition. I have learned that this tournament is a big deal here in Australia, with loyalties being spill (sometimes across family lines), and great emphasis is placed on the state colours, being the Maroon (pronounced ma’rhone) of Queensland and the Blue of NSW.

England/Australia in the Semi Final of a Cricket World Cup…which precedes an Ashes series.

So the dilemma is a simple matter of hat colour. Do I don the deep burgendy of my adopted home state (whilst knocking about the state capital)….or do I represent national pride, put on lovely new blue England Cricket ODI hat.

Not that I expect any kind of recrimination from the Aussies….except from playful banter and gentle ribbing. There pretty good with stuff like that.

In any case….I’ve taken both hats with me.

And as the chants go:



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