My photo fails are understandable...humbling...and hilarious!

After [acording to an SD card format date] just shy of 2 years and six months, I have filled the storage on my mirrorless big boy camera. Given that the card is only 16GB , I am guessing that I am well off the pace and my storage requirements are meagre and my usage is not very prolific.

I have not posted any details of my camera setup before....and the contents it produces are rarely shared or distributed. But I have grown with this medium, and my confience at shooting manual has not been knocked so much that I don't default to having full control of the device's operation.

Similarly, I am not so much of snob to forgo the ease, availability and portability of a smart phone camera. Filters and portrait modes abound!

But despite being happy with my photography skill....I still love it when I fail. Here are some examples:

What a beatiful subject!

Squished Selfie!

One of my favorite pictures of Small....with nightmarish fingers!

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