Today's Loverly Experience

Today’s Loverly Experience

I had a loverly experience earlier on today. I was sat in my usual chair in the front room…just relaxing with the family. A house burglar alarm was set off some way down the street. Not too loud, but enough to be audible and noticed, the sound came whirling in to me through the front windows to my right.

About 10 sec later, a bird out in the back garden, performed a faultless mimic of the two tone sound. It kept it up for a good three mins, whilst the source kept alarming…it even kept going when the alarm had been seen to and turned off. I suspect that it was an Indian Mynah bird. Possibly horny!

 There was a really nice stereo field and a harmorny where the synthetic mixed with the organic. The digital and the analogue. It warmed my heart.

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