Back in the Game

There has been a lot of things that have been happening to the blog over the last few months….all done with a view to a kinda reboot happening around New Year 2018.

As New Year’s Eve [or as my commercial terrestrial TV stations keeps telling me - NYE]…is a only few days away, I should summarise what has been done….before getting on with new writing, opinion and comment.

Here is the quick summary list [I’m good at those}:

  • Server has been localised - This is a strange one, but has mainly involved moving the infrastructure and server instance to the same time zone and global hemisphere as I live. I have resisted this for such a long time, mainly due to the excellent hosting I have enjoyed for the last seven years. However, distance and global latency has meant that performance has needed to be fixed. And since I am the main user of the resources [my dear inattentive audience], it makes sense to have the infrastructure closer to me.
  • The migration of the main server has also resulted in a re-skinning of the website. With a broken WordPress plugin stifling blog posts….by that I mean giving me yet another excuse not to graff out some content…The site has a new look. To be quite honest, I have not decided if I like the new look and feel yet….so maybe expect further changes in this area.
  • The new server is now multi-honed with some of my other sites and projects. It’s great to have a “well performing” cloud-based presence in the near vacinity…playgrounds abound!
  • Implementation of HTTPS for the site….Been meaning to do this one for the last couple of years, but with the help of Let’s Encrypt I have been able to implement this in a meaningful way that improves security and confidence.
So these are some of the things that have been happening, and since you are looking at the result, I hope you find these worthwhile.

Farewell Claritas Solutions hosting and Mystique WordPress plugin.  You will be missed.

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