It's been too long...

It has been pointed out to me in the last week that I have descended into long term hibernation………again.  This is not the first time that this has happened…and as a young adult I would frequently “drop off the radar” for weeks and sometimes months at a time.

However, in this modern day of hyper connected social media….where it is considered impolite to fart and not tell the world how smelly it was….my detachments from friends and relations has reached new heights.  It is not even possible for someone to come round and drag me out of my self-centered malaise….as I have made it extra difficult for anyone to pop-round….by going to live at the other side of the world.

I suppose I should apologise for the lack of post and activity on the blog….but I can’t be arsed with that. It’s not as if I have a lack of new experience and life content to impart….just the lack of time or inclination. Who knew that emigrating could be so time consuming?  A quick summary of events that you may have missed goes something along the lines of:

Got bored with UK -> Migrated -> Got made redundant -> Migrated the family -> Settled down -> Got Older -> Got fatter -> Had a hard long look at myself -> Got slimmer -> Got Healthier.

Lots happen….enough said.

Life is good at the moment and consequently I may have a bit more to say soon.  There are a few ideas on the way….and the renewed focus is going to be more on content and less on paranoid-ridden quality control.  I need to get away from a lot of unfinished drafts and an absent audience that is left in the dark.

No matter what happens with the blog, 2016 is going to be a huge year.

  *note: If anybody out there does want to get hold of me, the social network I do occasionally check is twitter (@davesdowntime).

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