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Yet again….another busy summer season with very little in the way of blog activity.

I’ve said it many times….I don’t live to blog….I only do it when time permits and when I get the inclination.

To be honest….a couple of draft posts have been made….but these have turned out to be ill-conceived torrents of self-absorbed bull-crap….that are best left in the Wordpress draft folder.

So here is the quick update…the summer has been very pleasing….still enjoying the new[ish] job….been spending time with the family…getting the most put of our English Heritage membership.

The missus has started a new college course and boy is now an orange belt at karate. We’ve even found time to go on a couple of nice British holidays….Wales and Devon this year.

The rest of the time has been spent playing computer games, watching cookery shows and the doing the odd little bit of coding. Life this summer has been sweet, comfortable and somewhat mundane.


So why not mix it up during the latter half of the year? Why not put the house up on the market and take an extended business trip to the other side of the world? Sounds like that’s the kind of action that’ll take you out of your comfort zone.


So that is what I’m doing…Smoothwall have given me the opportunity of go and help set up an Australian office….helping to grow the channel in the territory….go and do my general funky technical project manager, architect and engineer thing. The brief is quite loose at the moment….so it looks like I’ll need to be prepare for anything.

And as I pen this from somewhere over the Black Sea…on my way to Sydney, via Abu Dhabi….it looks like that davesdowntime.co.uk and it’s new associated alias davesdowntimedownunder.com might be come a bit of a travel [b]log.


[caption id=“attachment_548” align=“aligncenter” width=“300”]Dave's Downtime Down Under is Go! Dave’s Downtime Down Under is Go![/caption]


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