From little acorns....Great Oaks grow

What started out as an annoying little problems with my getting the @davesdowntime twitter feed to display on the blog…turned into a full operating system upgrade on a new hosting server and complete Wordpress restore.

Phew!  A lot of back end activity [wrong], with what must look like very little gain….but not so!

Not only have do I have a working twitter feed, but the whole social media part of Dave’s Downtime has been reworked.  In light of my recent change in employment, I have also re-thought the overall ethos and purpose of the site….therefore there is a new About page, with the relevant Facebook and Twitter profile rewrites.  Links also at the top of the page on the little posh widgets.  I have also implemented a nice little “Search Website” widget.  And lastly, I have verified my restore procedure [piece of mind for any sysadmin].



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