What's this Markdown stuff anyway?

Not wanting to be backwards about these things....I recently started looking at markdown! [and I know I am four years behind the times here].

You see, I used to use be a junior web developer, back when I was a student with chronic insomnia. As this was the mid to late nineties, and the employer was my university, there were no fancy tools or CSS to help with the development. I had to format all my pages by hand, as in raw HTML, and there were a lot of pages.

But writing in raw HTML can be a "bitch" and quite cumbersome. Certainly not what's needed for the blog's new focus....were I just want to write what I've got to say [probably using lots of ... period spacing....], "and then get out of Dodge". So markdown is of interest.

I watched a couple of video tutorials on the subject, namely ScreenCastOnline, and found the concept quite easy to pick up.

And then went to find some tools to help with it's construction....reviewed a couple and finally went for Writing Kit 3 for iPad and MarkdownPad for Windows

Now I have loverly markdown documents linked to my Dropbox account. Leaving me with the task of getting them into Wordpress. And ideally I'd like to do this from my iPad. Hunting around and I find two candidate applications: Poster and Blogsy for iPad. Unusually, I can't find a comparison or "versus" review. This is strange, as the so called blogosphere tends to review and critique such tools to death. So maybe I'll have to bite the bullet, blow the cob-webs off my wallet, and buy both of them....and then write that missing review. Sometimes I like making work for myself.

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