Xmas brings all the Questions

Dependent on how you view me, I’m either:

A massive Apple Fan-boi, who has no regard for personal expense or professional reputation, in pursuit of the latest shiny chrome gadgets…

…Or a…

… frustrated technology consumer who wants a simpler integrated way of using technology, to improve the quality of his life, without spending every spare waking hour reconfiguring/tweaking house-hold appliances and personal entertainment equipment with non-standard configurations, whilst completely alienating all members of my immediate family.

In either case, it’s true: In recent times…I have chosen to use Apple equipment. And after a recent count-up, there turns out to be quite a lot of it. But with the recent explosion in the gadget devices market, it’s time to consider the inevitable upgrade. So let’s look at the requirement….and then consider the choices.

So, what do I need? Well…the requirement’s haven’t changed that much in the last two to three years.

Firstly, I need a personal phone…or more accurately I would Like a new phone. My iPhone 4 has been a trusty companion for the last 2 1/2 years, never really giving me any jip or failing. Although battery life has always been limited to a day, that’s has been the case with the all the top-end smartphones that I have used for the best part of a decade now. Build quality is great and reception fine (when network allows). I have never regretted buying this unlocked phone direct from Apple.

But the boy’s 10 birthday is soon, and I have always said he has to wait until that age before he can have a mobile phone….and guess what he wants for his main present. So…he’ll probably end up getting my iPhone 4…and I’ll something new. At the moment it’s a straight fight between the iPhone 5 and the Nexus 4:

  • iPhone 5 Pros - LTE compatible (but not necessarily on the spectrums in the forthcoming 4G auctions), nice big screen, good integration with the other Apple products I have, maintain investment in Apple Store apps, fast and light, best new app Eco-system.
  • iPhone 5 Cons - Expensive, generic/low "wow" factor these days, new charging/data cabling format (highly annoying).
  • Nexus 4 Pro - Inexpensive allowing "sim free" purchase and being more flexible in terms of network selection. Give a good range of products and test systems in my arsenal.
  • Nexus 4 Cons - Even less "wow" factor than the iPhone 4. Lack of integration with iOS devices (but not as much as I first thought). Need to become more equated with a new OS. Availability is poor (Can't get one for love nor money).
This selection becomes even more complex, when I consider my requirement to upgrade my tablet, to something less clunky, heavy and slow.

And yet again, it’s a straight fight between iOS and Android. i.e. iPad mini vs Nexus 7. [I can see a pattern forming here]. It is quite clear that I am keen on integration and, unlike in my youth, I don’t have as much time or patience for “hacking” together technology from different stables. Therefore, I’m likely to purchase either one brand or another. I’ll have to see how I get on…

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