I must be getting old....or at least more odd

I must be getting old….or at least more odd….because I seem to be increasingly questioning my own choices. Take this morning for example….I’m stood on the train platform, iPhone/iPod in hand….Spotify and iTunes Match ready to spring into action….my eyes casually browsing the concourse….and my attention is grabbed the latest Pet Shop Boys album….Eh?

That’s not right.

More’s the point….why do I start fiddling with my music player and start streaming it into my ears? And then go and enjoy it. So much so in fact, that I’m still listening to it as I post this…..some 30 Miles down the mainline track.

I know that my music selection has sometimes been rather….errr….unorthodox….over the years….and I hope I’m open minded enough to not conform to stereotypes…..but something about this music selection doesn’t sit right.

I’m not sure if my inner workings don’t like being reminded that I’m a child of the eighties, and I’m fast approaching my 5th decade on the planet.

Or, there some underlying homophobia bubbling to the surface…..a feeling of akwardness that comes from getting pleasure from a pair of older gentleman….or an knee jerk reaction to being told to “Get Over It” from Stonewalled bus-side poster, I saw earlier this morning. I’ve never liked being told what to do!

Or, most likely it’s being suckered in by the advertising. A poster designed to make me buy and consume….made me do just that. Bah…..I hate it when I fall for that old trick.

Ow well…best not to beat myself up about it….sit back and enjoy the album….it is rather good.

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