The Root and Remedy of my Mild Madness

Ok…maybe my last post was a little harsh, but with numerous things going wrong at the moment, I am a little out of sorts. Let me try to explain (and maybe get myself some well needed therapy!):

You see…the letter ‘R’ key on my bluetooth keyboard has fallen off….and the usual “snap back into place” fix isn’t working. It not that it is out-and-out bust, but one of those intermittent faults that make life slightly more tedious. You know the type…you can still get things done, but your sub-conscious is screaming at you that you are not operating at 100% efficiency. I can get this post written…but it’s taking a very long time, and the person sat opposite me on the train must think I have some form of mental health issue, as I keep muttering obscenities and fiddling with little bits of plastic.

Also…I have been reviewing the site lately, and realised there are a lot of half finished blog posts cumulating in the draft pile. Part baked ideas just sitting there…languishing….in an irritatingly incomplete state. I hate half finished work….especially when it’s my own.

I really do need to get myself sorted out….rid myself of these petty tiresome little niggles.


Well that’s easy….buy some super-glue and either complete or discard the unfinished articles.

It’s funny how writting down the little trivial problems that I some time come across….helps me structure my thoughts….allowing the sometime obvious but obscured solution, to present itself. And sharing the experience to an ill-attentive audience, just helps to add definition and impetuous to the solution and its execution. I suppose it’s a little like sitting watching the telly with your significant other and muttering, half outloud, half to yourself…“We need to get some milk”….it usually results in you getting ouf of your seat….nipping down the shops and getting some.

Anyway…I promise to be more upbeat the next time I post…..whenever that will be!

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