In the bleak mid-winter!

As the Winter holiday period slowly gains momentum, my professional life enters the strange “stop-go” cycle that dogs most people in the IT industry. It is a strange world inhabited by change freezes, bargins and special prices caused by vendor’s year end promotions and those mega urgent projects that simply must be implemented before the new year is here.

Despite the distractions of my little boy at home demanding that the tree is put up in late August, finding enough baubles and tinsle that survived in year in the cellar, meeting up with friends for a Xmas drinks and organising the big shop at the supermarket, I find my work life at this time of the year both exciting and challenging. You never know what your going to run into when you start the morning.

Over the last week or so, I have been spending quite some time evaluating, comparing and contrasting various products relating to Log Event management, with a specific focus on security [as always] and operational IT support. My little “proof of concept” server is more than paying for itself.

I am also preparing for the extended Christmas break by buying any computer game that takes my fancy. Both the Humble Bundle and Royal Indie Bundles have made substantial dents in my wallet over the last few months. The latest Humble Bundle is particularly good. Go Super Meat Boy! [probably the most addictive and infuriating platform game in the known universe]

Other Christmas preparations include trying to find a suitable subject for my holiday coding project. I think that an iPhone or iPad app will be where I focus this year….though the functionality of said app is still to be finalised. Comments and suggestions are welcome…but please keep them clean!

If I don’t get time to post before the beginning of 2012……Have a good ‘un!!!!

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