Some ESXi on ESXi Action!

This week I am getting my head round some VMware 5 stuff, mainly the High Availability,Fail-over and VMotion. I have a number of clients who are looking at WAN solutions, but want to use VMware/NetApp solutions to achieve Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery.

So…..I need to know more about load balancing VMs than I do at the moment.

In the last month, I have bought myself a little HP Proliant Microserver, stacked it with RAM and NICs, and it has now become my lab/Proof-of-Concept box. I have already been able to give Check Point R75.20 and iPad/iPhone L2TP VPNs a thorough test-out.

I was toying with the idea of buying another Microserver to do the VMotion stuff, but I remembered reading articles somewhere that you could put Vmware vSphere 4 on vSphere 4, but I never gave it a go. I thought it would also be cool to see it you could do it with ESXi 5.

So I gave it a go today….and it worked. Straight away, with no messing about. Before I tried it, I read this article which gives the step for vSphere 4….but in the end I didn’t need to do any customising, or “hacking”….computing never used to be this easy in the good old days.

I’ll let you all know if the Vmotion stuff works as well.

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