Dave's Big Day Out at InfoSec (Part 1)

So it off to Earl’s Court we go…and for those who don’t know, InfoSec is the UK biggest exhibition and conference relating to Information Security.  Lot’s of things for me to get excited and geek over.  Yippee!

I am now on the train on my way down…wondering what the day has got in store for me.  Plenty of meeting with partners and probably the odd bit of “distributor bashing”.  Loverly.  I wonder what I shall focus on this time.  Last year I was on a mission to find alternative content security products…but today I’m a bit less distinct with my expectations.

Most of the clients, customers and prospects I am talking to at the moment have very streamline requirements.  Keep costs low [obviously], prevent data breaches and give improved visibility of what is going on.  

So it appears that I’ll be on the look out for new products with good scalability, anything with new/innovative protection mechanisms, and new management/reporting tools.  Pretty standard stuff really.

Anyway…I should be tweeting/facebooking [is that a verb] throughout the day….and have a summary post to wrap everything up….

…onward to the exhibition hall!

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