Check Point Deployments Ahoy!!

Looks like we are getting geared up for Check Point's big plunge into next generation firewalling arena.  Mainly Identity Awareness and Application Control.

With the public EA release of R75.10 (the first HFA/service pack for R75) and vendor training this week, I can see us rolling it out to our Provider-1 installation and taking it up to our customers in the very near future.  It will probably become the version of choice for new deployments.

Up until now I have only been playing with it, but the main things to impress so far include the speed with which AppWiki, the application and Web 2.0 widget database, seems to be growing.  Also the amount of information available in both SmartTracker and SmartEvent/SmartReport are more than comprehensive.

I’ll post when we have done our first installation in anger.  This is likely to be our HQ firewall.


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