My Trip without Laptop

So….I have a lot going on in my life….technically speaking…at the moment! As I am currently finding storage for the new web-server, I need to wipe a couple of hard disks and this has kicked off another session of data backups and consolidation. Therefore my workbench in the dungeon (AKA as my cellar), is current a litterny of USB hard-drives, USB cables, ESATA cables and associated power supplies. I hope the local fire brigade don’t call round for an inspection, or they’ll have a fit!

Now I’m going away overnight, and I was little pressed for time with my packing [isn’t that always the case], I didn’t want to spend 30mins of advanced knot untying to extract the relevant power-blocks.

So…I’ve made a brave decision….no Window 7 netbook…no Hackingt0sh Laptop…just me, m' iPhone and m' iPad

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